Cleaning filament?


In the User Manual for my Lulzbot 5 that I inherited I see nothing about changing between filaments. Yet, I have a couple of bags marked as “Cleaning Filament” but see nothing in the manual about how to use it. Online it states its not for printing, but nothing about how to use it.

I want to go from my current ABS filament and use some PLA.

What are the recommended steps in doing this properly?

Thanks in advance.

The excellent aspect of cleaning filament is that is has a very wide extrusion range. This will extrude anywhere from ~150c to ~270c. This makes it ideal for swapping filaments.

Heat your hot end to ABS temps (240c) then load in the cleaning filament. Extrude until you no longer see your ABS color.

Drop temp to PLA temperatures (205c), remove cleaning filament, and put in your PLA. Extrude PLA until the color comes through clean.

When you do not have cleaning filament, you will try to split the temperatures between your two filaments. You cab set the hot end to 220c, load in PLA, and extrude until all the ABS is out. Then drop the temp to PLA, and you are ready to print.

We hope this helps!