Multiple Tiny ABS parts

This is a mid print shot from OctoPrint of what i have dubbed the DRS (Dash Rattle Stopper) for the legacyGT community. ABS, 230C,110C, open print space. That is 270 individual pieces that are 1cm high, 5mm deep and 8mm wide. Once the first layer was down I was able to relax a bit. Bed has a slightly low spot at about 5 o’clock if looked at from above. But the first layer stuck just fine. Retraction settings are, dare i say, perfect.

Sweet! How long did the print run?

Still Running

Just as reference, there are 1620 individual segments that are showing in that photo that the printer is traversing. Each is approximately 1x2 mm and there is absolutely no stringing.

I love it.

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Wow!!! Are they done? Pictures?

Here you go

WOW. Awesome.

I’d have lost hair and time off my life worrying that part number 87 would break free and create a chain reaction mess…

Once the first layer was down I felt confident all would be good. It helps too that I had the lid e webcam through octoprint

I would have added another 2 rows if simplify3d would have let me. It kept crashing if I added any more

Well done on the print! There seems to be no stringing. How did the final products turn out? To your liking discojon?

Yeah turned out great. Made almost $300 on that job

Wow that is great! Did it turn out to be some sort of a group buy for the car club you are with?

Yeah, I have customers on 3 continents lol