My Mini has backlash?

I have printed maybe 5 parts on my new Mini. Super impressed so far! I have noticed that my circles aren’t very circley and they turn out oval shaped. I read somewhere that it means my printer has backlash. Has anyone had this problem on their printer and what did you do to fix it?

Check to make sure all belts/pulleys are tight.

Oh ya they are super tight, maybe even too tight. I did notice that the x-axis was pretty hard to move by hand so I lubed the rods but it didn’t help the backlash. I don’t feel any give when I try and move the carriages so its hard for me to imagine its backlash.

Stepper voltage maybe? I haven’t dug into the printer to expose the Rambo, to check voltages on the steppers. Next up on my debug list.

You can also email or call +1-970-377-1111 and talk to customer support.

No, I highly doubt it is anything on the RAMBo.