My printer just caught on fire.

Smoke started pouring out of the electronics box in between prints. Waiting for it to cool down before I investigate further. Anything like that happen to anybody? It’s been fine for almost two years.

Usually the fuses would blow before fire would occur. It’s a very rare failure for what it’s worth.

Found the culprit.

Is this an easy fix? I also kind of want to know WHY that would happen, you know, so I feel better about not burning my house down.

That’s your heaTed been wire harness. I’m guessing there is a short or a loose wire there or possibly in the wire harness that leads from the control box to the bed. You can see how it looked prior to that here

I do wonder if your heated bed might have a loop burned out which happens sometimes. You can get the heated bed wire harness from if it were me, I would replace the bed with a taz5 spec bed with the pei sheet to be safe along with the harness wire.

Thanks for all of the info. I’ve been debating upgrading to the PEI, and this may be the final reason I do it, but I have had zero issues with PET like other users (and I still have 2 or 3 PET sheets left).