New Taz 6

Received my taz 6 today from amazon and while unpacking I noticed my silicone pad is pretty ragged around the edges

Will this affect the function of the heated bed

That’s a bunch of the paper liner that comes on the pads before they adhere to the glass. As paper is somewhat flammable, I would say “yes” . Was that sold via Amazon by Lulzbot proper, or was that a rebuild being sold as a brand new printer by an unscrupulous seller? I’d be quite frankly shocked if a bed left the factory like that. Can you post some pictures of the packaging it was shipped in as well? Also check the printer for signs of wear on the bearings and rods. You may want to call support directly.

I’d need a better picture, but there shouldn’t be anything flammable there, I’m not sure what you mean.

It doesn’t look like a factory bed though, either.

FWIW, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bed like that.

Was the tape on there painter’s tape? It kind of looks like it. What we use is a light blue, non-permanent tape.


It was a painters tape and it was sold by Amazon. Is that not the factory bed?

And I’ll get a better picture when I get home
At work til 10

I have seen beds like that. You are seeing the silicon has detached and exposed the fiber weave inside of the pad that the wires are running in. That is a ‘recycled/reused’ heat pad pretty sure.

Something is definitely fishy. The bed should not look like that. The adhesive is all bubbled/funny looking. It should look super clean.

Look at the wires under the bed too, there’s something wrong there. I still think the tan stuff is remnants of the liner paper though that the seller half ass removed unless that is actually jagged rubber, which is even worse.

It was sold directly from amazon shipped from amazon

It appears that the rubber is torn

I received my Taz 6 from Amazon today as well and my bed looked fine. Only issue of note is some gunk (technical term) on the hot end.

Yeah mine had some melted filament on the nozzle as well I’m guess from where they did a test print before shipping.

It all functions fine I just printed the lulzbot key chain bed stayed at a steady 85 from the gcode on the SD so I dunno


I’m very sorry to see this. I would encourage you to return that printer to Amazon.

From everything we can see in the photos this unit is not the way we send printer out from the assembly floor. It has most likely used previously and may have other components damaged. Amazon has a 30 day return policy.

That’s my conclusion, too. My best guess would be that the original purchaser broke the glass, then removed the heater and PEI and reused them on new glass (with damaged adhesive, and rubber torn from the bed’s fiberglass mat), then returned it to Amazon.

Could you have clicked on a “warehouse deal” at Amazon? Those are RETURNS which Amazon repacks and resells. Aside from a cursory look at the box and contents, they basically take the word of the customer who returned it as to functional condition. Warehouse deals are “sold and shipped by” Amazon, but they were in the hands of another buyer first - and sometimes are not functional, even though the party returning them told Amazon it was perfect.

If it wasn’t a “warehouse deal”, then somehow Amazon accepted it back thinking it was “unopened / never used” and returned it to stock, where it was subsequently used to fill your order.

In any case, report the problem to Amazon and SEND IT BACK. The heater is damaged (rubber covering torn off), and there are air pockets visible in the adhesive. It looks horrible and I wouldn’t trust it. If the glass was replaced, it might not even be the right type of glass.

This is not a stock, new machine from us. If you got it from Amazon, sold as new, return it and tell them it wasn’t new! You shouldn’t be shipped a box like that.


Send that puppy back and buy it direct from Lulzbot. If it looks like that…no telling what else might be wrong.