Need 1 Proto-type off a MoarStruder

I hope this is the correct area for this, if not I am sorry but I didn’t see what I considered to be a better match.
I am Pre-Purchase of up to five Taz 6 printers with MOARSTRUDER, before I plop down that amount of money I need a sample of an object I need printed but it has to be ASA on the MOARSTRUDER I would accept ABS but I have No! Wiggle! room as only the MS has the print speed I require.
I contacted about this and it doesn’t look like that can complete my order (I did send them an email to be sure)
So, if anyone here is willing to print 1 Item in ASA/ABS on a MOARSTRUDER I am willing to pay for it.
Cura says my Model will take 12 meters of 1.75 on my Prusa I3 MK3 and takes 2hr 58 Minutes if you have a MOARSTRUDER and are willing to print it let me know how much and how fast. You will have to agree to not disclose the design in any way shape or form this item is part of My fathers IP and Patented Pending

It could just be me but maybe somone else can chime in. I’ve never had any luck with the moar with abs. I do print with an enclosure. You might have better luck with pla. If that’s an option for you. A 3hr print doesn’t seem that big. I’d only use the moar on big parts that don’t need tight tolerances.

The Whole reason I am looking at the MOAR is I need 9000 of these items a year, something that can’t be done at 3hr each
With a 3d printer I can alter the design at will and per-customer before I plop down the cash for 3 to 5 of these printers I need to see what my item looks like on the Moar I did contact the 3d printing services and while they will make my sample item they won’t make it the way I need it. I already know what it looks like at .2 I need to see it at .6 or .8 and run it by the customers to get buy off

PLA is not an option as these items will live in Saltwater it has to be ASA but the prototype could be ABS as they are close enough

This is right from the product page for the MOARStuder:

Discouraged Filament for Large Scale Objects
Avoid using the following filament when printing at larger scales, due to shrinking or warping when printed.
Nylon Alloy 910
PC-Max (Larger prints may crack)
PCTPE (Avoid older, moisture-laden filament)

I gave it a try anyway, I found parts that I could print in ABS with the .5mm extruder, I couldn’t print with the MOAR extruder due to warping and detaching from the heated bed.

Okay let me come at this a different direction, can the Taz6 handle a .8 Nozzle with ASA/ABS I can change my design to allow the .8 Nozzle printing at .6 or .5 Layer 5 layers thick gets me the 3mm thickness this unit requires.

Why ASA/ABS because these items will spend most of the time at the bottle of the Ocean
ASA preferred

Send me an email with the information on the file at - I have 3 enclosed Taz 6’s with nearly every toolhead they offer, plus several other machines, some with E3D Volcano nozzles, and im sure we can find the combination of what you need, even if it is modifying stock parts. I have very little ASA on hand, so ill likely need a day or two to get more depending on the size of your part.