ok, clever mob out there…

the MOARstruder is announced… and it looks great

personally I usually need strength above all else, so the MOARstruder looks a good idea… BUT…

this might seem a silly question (it almost certainly is)… I will fit the MOARstruder for 1.2mm printing but will it be ok with smaller nozzles?
ok you change the settings and fit a 0.4 nozzle… would you expect problems??

seems to be a strength solution, at least untill nylon cored carbon nanotube filament becomes available (in case you haven’t tried or seen it… CNT filled with nylon, as opposed to CNT chopped into nylon filament, can be microwaved a produces a virtually perfect high strength print… much better than most casting or forming can produce)


You may find yourself going through nozzles quicker than usual due to higher head pressure potentially, and it might be a bit more finicky on the starts and stops since you’ll have a bigger melt chamber, but it will work fine. It would basically be the equivelent of running an e3dv6 with a volcano setup on a small nozzle.

I spoke to someone yesterday at lulzbot with the same question and he told me that it’s fine just lower your print speeds

With the potential warranty voiding, why not just build a custom E3D Titan+Volcano toolhead instead?

The E3D Titan and V6 can handle both 1.75mm and 3mm filament with a quick guide change and you can keep your warrantied MOARstruder for 1.2mm prints.