Need power supply for TAZ 5

Hi all

I got a TAZ 5 on an auction for $575 out the door with a roll of black PLA. Pretty sweet. But it didn’t have the power supply. I’ve been trying to find what the part number for the power supply is in the documentation but to no avail. Can someone with a TAZ 5 take the cover off the power supply and take a picture of the manufacturer’s information? I can get a 24V 500W for under $100 but I want to see the specs on the existing one to double check everything. I can buy one for $195 they said but I can make one for about half that. Thanks.


It’s a meanwhile 24 volt 500 watt psu modrl RSP-500-24. A 450 watt will also work. Check here for parts.

Yep I found it. Finally. They had the documentation for the power supply in the resources and documentation section in parts store. Duh? Not sure why the BOM, connectors and everything else is stored there instead of with all the rest of the BOM’s in the downloads section. I think i’ll actually get the Mean Well SE-600-24 from Mouser. It’s 25 amps and cheaper than the 21 amp. Then I’ll just buy the connector and pins and make my own setup. The 25 amp is probably made more which is most likely why it’s cheaper. Thanks.

If you still remember, can you post the instructions for this? Our Taz 5 power supply died last night and it seems no one has the official one in stock. I’ve read several forums posts about the issue but everyone seems to just say “hey I fixed it by making my own” but not detailing how. I could probably figure it out, but I don’t want to screw it up.

Edit: I am an absolute idiot. It’s right there in the post I quoted.