Taz 5 won't power on

I just received my Taz 5 two days ago, and it has already stopped working. I’m guessing it’s the power supply, but it really disappoints me that I’ve only had this printer for two days and it’s already showing faults. I’m new to Lulzbot printers. Are faulty power supplies a common thing?

I would guess it’s not super common but Lulzbot has excellent service, just email support with your serial number and info about when and where you purchased it telling them it won’t power up and they will take care of you. You could also call them for faster service.

Calling is the way to go, they will walk you through troubleshooting then arrange a replacement. Top notch support there.

As for if this is a common issue, there have been a few posts recently on TAZ 5 power supplies. In every case Lulzbot has rectified the issue quickly.

Email customer support at support@lulzbot.com or call on Monday +1-970-377-1111.

Sorry for the inconvenience,


How long does it usually take support to contact me back? I sent an email on Friday and haven’t heard back yet.

This seems to be a pretty big problem. I am currently dead in the water with a bad power supply as well. I made it four days before mine died. Glancing through the forum I see about 4 or 5 other threads with people having the same problem. I am wondering if it has something to do with the new hotend. Perhaps it is drawing more amperage then the power supply can realistically provide and is burning them up. I hope this get addressed soon.

Also I sent an email on Saturday morning and have not heard anything back as well.

We respond within one business day to all email correspondence- if we do run behind it’s exceedingly rare. Emailing directly into Support@LulzBot.com creates a ticket in our helpdesk which we then respond to. If you don’t see a response, check your email spam/junk folders/filters. If nothing’s there feel free to PM me.