Taz 4 Power Supply broken

I received my Taz 4 last night and was having a blast getting it set up until I took a close look at the power supply. The voltage select switch seemed to be missing, with a sticker clearly indicating the intended purpose of the hole in the plastic case. After shaking the unit, I noticed a piece was loose inside: the switch. Since I’m pretty sure its not a wireless switch I decided it would be best not to energize the supply. So my Taz is sitting dormant on the table, sad and powerless.

I sent an email to Lulzbot support last night. Does anyone have any experience with this sort of issue or any general thoughts on how fast of a turnaround I should expect from support? This looks like a well built machine, it’s a shame that the whole thing comes tumbling down at the mercy of some cheap Chinese power supply.

One of the reasons I decided to go with Lulzbot was that everyone gave their support high praise. Hopefully that faith will be rewarded.

Sorry about your failed power supply. Rest assured we will get you a replacement.


Hello ogreb,

Sent you an email yesterday that seemed to not go through. I have resent my message, but if you do not receive it, feel free to send in your full name, order number, printer’s serial number (located on the back of the electronics box), and your current mailing address to support@lulzbot.com and we will get a replacement PSU to you straight away.

Thank you,


PSU shipped Friday! Should arrive tomorrow or Weds. Thanks for contacting Lulzbot support!