Nelon X filament

Does anyone have experience printing with nylon X mini 2.

When printing with Nylon X or other carbon fiber based abrasive filaments, it is important to use a hardened steel nozzle to avoid damaging your nozzle. The standard nozzle on the Mini 2’s extruder is not hardened steel and so if you use Nylon X you will likely damage the nozzle. However if you want to look at getting one of the Lulzbot HS or HS+ tool heads, then you should be able to print abrasive filament just fine with some additional settings adjustments if they do not have a Lulzbot material profile in Cura… This is because the HS and HS+ have hardened steel nozzles.

Dry the crap out of it, or it won’t work at all!

  1. surface finish will be junk
  2. overhangs will be worse
  3. stringing will be a nightmare
  4. strength will be less

    Dehydrate the that stuff as much as you can, vacuum chamber preferred!

Water boils at 0ºC in a -14PSI vacuum – so that moisture comes RIGHT out :slight_smile: Put it on a hot plate and you’ll be GIDDY

Here’s a video showing water do it’s thing: