New firmware (Klipper) on TAZ 6

I just committed a new version of my PR that targets Ultimaker Cura instead of Lulzbot Cura. It uses intelligent macros that have been optimized to eliminate a bunch of duplication and control the printer operation a bit better. My testing using Cura UE 4.3 have been going very well!

I spent the weekend creating a working Mini 1 printer configuration but want to do some more tests before I make a PR. Should we move to a more generic Klipper topic to see if we can migrate more Lulzbot printers? I only own a mini, but we could share experiences (e.g. mining Marlin pin defines)to others who want to try the jump?

I started merging the changes in the PR into my single-extruder config on Saturday, but haven’t finished that process quite yet. Will be out of town all weekend but will chime in here once I get this working on my TAZ6, probably next week.

In general, I think this is a good idea. Any thought to the topic organization? Perhaps a new thread per printer configuration with a main thread that has links? It should be easy for someone to follow Klipper development/advice with a specific printer configuration without having to wade through everyone elses non-relevant printer conversation. One concern I would have would be the stability of this forum. I don’t know how long it will available but I don’t know of a good alternative space.

Really looking forward to hearing how this goes.

I was actually just thinking about a generic “How to convert your Lulzbot to a Klipper machine”-like topic, where people trying to figure out the ins and outs of converting Lulzbot Marlin to Klipper conf get some help from the ones who’ve done it before? After that, I’d say they go to for further assistance. It’s quite a lively forum and I was helped immediately when asking for help on the probing mechanism for the Lulzbot washers.

A bit overkill if you ask me…

In the meantime I created a PR for Lulzbot Mini 1 (2016) if people are interrested to give it a try?

I’ve added a lot of comments (which is being frowned upon by Kevin) for educational purposes so that others coming from Marlin know where I looked for pin numbers. We’ll see if the comments can stay or not, it’s all the same to me.

And what a nice firmware it is! I think I like the Pressure Advance algorithm better than Marlin’s Lin Advance which I’ve played with also. Unfortunately it misses a few exotic g-codes here and there that I had to cut from my start and end scripts, but that was quite easy and without loss of anything important.

Well, it took me a few months longer than I hoped, because real life got in the way, but I got Klipper reinstalled on my TAZ6 again last night, and thanks to your config file, I was able to get my bed leveling working and print some ABS+ with my Aerostruder! :tada:

Stealing your settings for bed adjustment (but modifying the probe points, since I only have the one extruder), I was able to get G29 working pretty quickly again. I’m pretty sure I had gotten this part working at some point months ago, but then the Linux install on my OctoPrint board stopped booting and I stupidly did not save my in-progress Klipper config before wiping and reinstalling. So I started over last night, basically.

EDIT: adding a link to my current TAZ6 klipper printer.cfg

Before I realized I needed to modify my extruder stepping (was still using the Hexagon extruder settings, so extruded almost 2x what it should have… oops):

After properly configuring the Aerostruder, first layer looks good…

A little over halfway through

And done:

Just a quick update: the pull request I submitted to flesh out the rest of the TAZ6 configuration has been merged into Klipper.

So far, since switching my TAZ6 to Klipper and properly configuring the Aerostruder, I have yet to have a single failed print (out of six jobs) using eSun ABS+. With Marlin, I was at a roughly 75-80% success rate with the same filament. Maybe I’ll even be able to print regular ABS reliably now…