choices for other heated bed


Has anyone tried using other brands of the heated bed? A bed that will fit into the TAZ 6 printer.

The reason I am asking this is the heated bed I am currently using from lultzbot is not uniformly heated across the whole bed. By visualizing using a thermal camera, we found out that only less than 1/3 of the bed is being heated to the set temperature, and that region is located at the fronter edge of the bed. So I was wondering if anyone has any experience in using even higher quality beds before?

Also does anyone know that the unit of the Z-offset is in mm, right?

Thank you!

If you are looking to get more even heat dispersal you could look into our modular heat bet kit, because the heating pad is being glued to a metal sheet it does a better job of dispersing the heat evenly across the surface of your bed. We have a video that shows the difference between our older style stock bed and the new modular bed:

The Z-Offset is indeed measured in mm.

Thank you, Sir! Thank you so much for your explanation, I am indeed using the old version.

One more question, buying this cost 125$ and do I have to add the 75$ Glass/PEI surface module onto it?

(piercet) has a working aluminum plate on his printer. I tried to replicate his system but havent been able to locate a 3/16 FLAT plate. Tried 2 sources both were bowed so I’ve given up.

The setup I wanted was the aluminum plate with a flex plate like the buildtak system. I’m usually in a rush thought that would be a good system if I had two plates.

Good luck

Our Modular bed is a two part system and is intended to work with both the Modular heater and the glass/PEI surface, so you would need to buy both parts for it to fit and work as intended.

My experience with the Taz modular bed is it is crap for abs. I put it in back in the box and went back to the old setup. Theres a large enough gap between glass and metal plate to shove card stock paper in with no tension felt.

yep. DONT DO IT. The modular system is not and probably will never be fixed. It’s broken, a complete waste of money. Sagging issues that they know about but try to make excuses for. Horrible. The even temperature they advertise is negated by the gap that causes a 30c temperature differential while printing with ABS.

Well… I stuck with the modular bed. Its fine for ABS @110C (just need to scoff up the surface a bit). The PEI will eventually bubble.

The versatility of the design was appealing enough. Print PLA, PETG and ABS on the PEI, flip it over for TPU. Sure it sags, and yeah the binder clips bring down the perceived quality of a $2500 machine…

But the “hackability” of this versatile bed system… I’ve had magnets stuck to the bottom of the silicone pad for that past 2 months, they haven’t fallen off. Which means a second steel sheet with a thicker sheet of PEI on each side could reinforce and overcome the sag while producing a more even pattern than just nichrome in a silicone pad, heating glass. And the magnets get rid of the binder clips

The Buildtak removable system is a bit larger than Lulzbots bed, but just by a few mm on each side. The attached files are modified to accommodate the size of the Buildtack plate, but I haven’t had a chance to try them out.
TAZ Modular Bed Corner.V2.stl (521 KB)

I may be biased but if you want a modular bed I designed and use this one and it is fantastic.

Have you had any trouble with the magnets after several heat cycles?

Nope. Still stuck on the siliicone heater.