New PEI Added

Need to put a new PEI sheet on my Taz 6 bed.

Anybody in the Bay Area California who can do this for me? I supply the new PEI sheet, and will give you my bed for you to remove the old PEI, and add the new PEI sheet.

How much for this?


Just mail it in to itworks3d, or do what I did and order a replacement heatbed, then can have a hotspare and send it in if you dont want to do it yourself. Personally, I used rapid tac rapid remover (vinyl adhesive remover) and it comes off like butter.

Just done it myself- there is a youtube video done by lulzbot that explains how easy it is ( - takes about two and half hours- oh and its very messy.
Put the PEI in the freezer for an hour.
Get a paint scrapper/stripper and begin to peel off the PEI- it should come off in one piece- takes three minutes.
Next soak a piece of paper towel in Methanol/Isopropanol and place on the sticky surface- do this in a well ventilated place- the fumes can make you ill.
Scrape the mess off until you can see your face in the surface- the hour long bit. The glass surface can’t be damaged by scrapping- really all you are doing is wiping the mess off. A good polish to finish.
Peel off the paper off the back of the new PEI and slowly place slightly over lapping the edge. (don’t take it off completely do it a step at a time- see video)
use a very flat scrapper to spread the PEI out flat and work any bubbles out as you go- my first go I got it 98% perfect.
However the surface I replaced works fine- just a bit messy, so prepare to get sticky- not a nice job to do- but isn’t hard to do. Difficulty rating 3 out of 10. Messy rating 9 out of 10- beware sticky fingers afterwards- don’t use the methanol to clean your hands- can burn your skin.
Have fun!