Hot end drags through printed material

I just got the printer used and was doing a test print. I tried restoring the defaults but still no luck. Any help would be appreciated!

Below is a list of information which will help in the process of resolving any issues with your printer or Tool Head:
· Printer model(Serial Number)?
· Tool Head type?
· Filament Manufacturer, Material Type, and printing temperatures?
· Cura Version, Firmware version, Material Profile, and Quality Profile, or other slicing program?
· What were you attempting when this error occurred?
· How were you attempting this? (USB Cable, SD/USB stick, Online Solution?)
· What have you done already in trying to resolve this?

The printer is a Lulzbot Mini 2. It has a M175 tool head. The filament is Polymaker Polylite PLA. Printing temp 210-230 and printing speed 40-90 mm/s. The Cura version and Printer firmware I updated yesterday. I am trying to do the test print. I’m using a windows 10 laptop connected via usb. I have already reset to defaults (was a used printer).

Thank you for that.

A few things I would like for you to check.

First, be sure that the estep value for your printer is set to 415 steps/mm.

Next, It is possible that the gcode flavor in your Cura got changed to Marlin(Volumetric) by accident.
It should just be Marlin. This can be adjusted by going to settings>printers>Manage printers and clicking machine settings. Then change gcode flavor to Marlin.


If this is not the case, can you please send us a gcode file that you sliced? This may give us some insight into the issue you are experieincing.