New Rambo Board Help

I am having a bit of trouble installing my new board. The instructions are great, however, none of my cables are labeled. They aren’t the same colors either. I have the motors worked out and the end stops with one exception. I found a physical switch for what would be z-min. This connector is a different size than the others. The last connector of the appropriate size is a strange one, it has leads from two separate wire bundles. I suspect this is the z-min. If those two wires are completing a circuit between the nozzle and the metal parts of the plate it would act as a switch. If so, what do I do with the actual switch?

Also, are there any other references to what the other wire colors could be on (perhaps) earlier builds?

I have 5 connections left:

Yellow / Yellow <-- I think this is the bed thermistor

Orange / Orange <-- I think this is the extruder thermistor

Black / White

Black / Yellow

Black / Blue <-- This one is the physical z-min switch

Any help would be appreciated. I did attempt to take pictures prior to removing the old board, but due to the wire density they were less than helpful.



Reach out to the support team through Include pictures and as much information as you can. Which LulzBot Mini do you have?

The tech support team can help you confirm, but you seem to be on the right track: OHAI LulzBot Mini v1.03 Final Electrical Assembly.

I have sent an email to the support service as suggested. I will post the image I sent them here for the sake of thread continuity.