New TAZ no movement

I just got my TAZ setup and was checking to see if everything was working. I plugged the USB in and installed drivers. I started printrun and connected. It connects fine, however when I use any movement or really and command they don’t work. Both the TAZ and the PSU are plugged in and on. I also see a green light from inside the TAZ.

EDIT: I also appears that the temperatures are working for both the bed and extruder.
EDIT2: I’m assuming there is supposed to be a fuse in the fuse receptacle on the PSU. There isn’t. If this is the case what are the specs. on the fuse, so I can get one.

Any help would be appreciated.


Did you home the head first? I’ve found that there are times when the control thinks it’s smarter than you are and it may think that it’s at the end of it’s throw in all directions and as such won’t move. Home the head and all works again… I’ve only had this happen once, but homing fixed it.

Your problem may be different, it’s odd that a brand new out of the box won’t move and I know they test it. you plugged in the twist lock connector I assume?


If you mean manually moving the head, I did not. I can try however. If you mean using printrun to home them, I did try that.

Yes, I did unplugged and replugged everything about three times.

Do you know anything about the fuse?

I did not even know there was a fuse on the power supply…
Does the extruder motor move when commanded (nozzle has to be heated some i believe)?
does the nozzle heat up?

can you check all the voltages coming off the power supply.

No, neither does the bed. Although they show the correct temps (room temp).

After checking the power supply closely I have concluded that it is missing a fuse. I checked for a closed circuit from the negative terminal where the power plug connects to the negative terminal inside the power supply and the circuit is open. This is the same for the positive with the unit turned on. Meaning power isn’t getting to the power supply.

When you say PSU, do you mean the RAMBo board (like the photo at the link below)? If so, I believe it’s just a 15A automotive type fuse.

Like 1013 said, I didn’t realize there was a fuse on the PSU. I checked mine and definitely don’t see a fuse unless I’m just overlooking it somehow. If it really is on your PSU though, you may have a different PSU than what we got with the batch 1 TAZ.

  • Adam

No, I mean the power supply that plugs into the wall. Looks like the images below but has a printed piece at the end.

The fuse thing looks like the image below and is screwed into the printed piece. The fuse goes in the little slide out box.

Apparently the fuse box should have two fuses.

Oh wow - didn’t even see that little slide out thing down there with the power cord plugged in.

I pulled one out of mine. The PSU has two Series 233 7A/125V fuses like this:

  • Adam

Thank you for your help!

I guess I’ll ask support if they can send me two. They are only $0.86 but there is a $5+ shipping fee.

Edit: I think I found them at radioshack for $3.50 for 4 of them:
They are fast acting however. The ones you linked are medium acting. I don’t think it matters much though.

Edit: Contacted support and they are sending me fuses. Great customer service.

We have had 2 units go out that didn’t have fuses. This actually goes through two inspection points at two different factories, so this really shouldn’t happen. We are looking into how this happened. Each unit is supposed to go through burn in with the power supply it ships with. It appears just one power supply was being used for some units.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Contact with your order number or similar and we can get one shipped to you.