Taz 5 not powering on.

Hello all, I’ve run into yet another issue with my Taz5. I was getting ready to recalibrate the print bed. I noticed some left over abs on the nozzle that the brush couldn’t get off, so I heated it to 240 and scrubbed it off. I went to extrude some filament to make sure that any gunk left in there will be removed. After this, it just turned off. No lcd, nothing.

The power supply still has the green light. I’ve tried unplugging it from both ends and letting it sit for a bit, and then plugging both ends back in, but nothing. When I plug the machine into my PC it recognizes the “3d Printer powered by RAMbo”. I’m dumbfounded. Any help would be appreciated.

You may have blown one of the two smaller onboard fuses on the Rambo itself by moving an axis while the machine was on and powered up. Not much else would do that. It could also be a hot end shorted wire. If you are under warranty you may want to call support.

I think you’re right. The 15amp fuse is ok, but the very small ones that look like they’re by the thermistor connectors(?) get no response from my multimeter. The motor fuse and the hotend fuse?

it appears to be the fuse ‘f3’ in the image above


is that the correct fuse?

Scrubbing the extruder with a conductive brush while powered on can possibly short it out and blow the RAMBo logic fuse which also powers the extruder heater.

Yep, I’d say it’s been narrowed down to the logic fuse. Can I purchase these fuses locally, or will I have to order them online?

Also, would this fuse typically stop the entire machine from turning on?

Hi DerekPGH, I have the same problem with my TAZ 5, one of the small fuses died, did you replace the fuse and did your Printer work? Thanks :slight_smile:

Digikey has those fuses, You may be able to find them locally, but only if you have a massive electronics shop nearby. The ones in the ebay link also look correct. The exact part number is in the build documents somewhere in download.lulzbot.com and people have linked it somewhere in the forum here before. Mine say “ET 5A” on them if that helps any