nGen Flex material?

Has anyone had opportunity to try nGen-Flex material yet?
I noticed it on the colorFabb website.
They are saying it will work without special extruder, but it seems to be about as soft as
ninjaflex Semiflex material. Durameter is about 95 for nGen-Flex and about 98 for Semiflex.
It appears to be a new product.
I could not find a lulzbot CURA profile for it.

I’ll try it when I find out how it actually works out on a TAZ6 type printer.
I do have a flexistruder and run Ninjaflex material, I don’t want trouble with either of my extruders.
I most commonly use the extruder that came with the TAZ6 and swap it out when running Ninjaflex.

Just wondering

I don’t, but I print sometimes TPE/TPU from with the original TAZ 5 extruder, without problem. Just reduce speed (about 30 mm/s max) and very important, your extruder must be very clean (cold pull).

The shore hardness of those filaments are 80A / 90A (TPE) and 91A (TPU), nGen flex is 95A (harder), so it should be ok !