SemiFlex from the makers of NinjaFlex

Has anyone tried it yet?

There are comments about it working with drive systems that would not push NinjaFlex, maybe allowing to use the standard extruder.

i was thinking the same thing when i saw this new filament :slight_smile:

maybe at slow speeds this could work on the std. extruder

theres a review of the stuff here. They mention that it still won’t work well on bowden systems

they mention a different soft material called PCTPE which I’m thinking of trying instead

I received and tried the Soft PLA (MatterHacker). It printed fine from bog extruder and with great results; although was sticking pretty hard to my BuildTak bed.

The material is a stiff rubber feel. Smooth finish.

I ordered some white Semiflex and tried to run it trough my stock TAZ 4 extruder.

It actually works “ok” but it took some trial and error:


The filament tends to curl up just like with ninjaflex, however this effect can be corrected by using the right amount of idler tension and making sure the X-axis does not move too much from left to right (a wide print along half the bed did not work for me, probably since the filament tends to move slightly with the movement of the X axis and curled up. However I successfully printed a few iphone cases by printing on the left-hand side of the bed.

They key is to print super-slow and having the right amount of idler tension. Also, the hotter the better probably so the filament oozes out nicely with little restriction.

  • Stock Lulzbot ABS Cura Medium profile
  • Changes:

Idler tension: 13.2 mm’s measured from the knobs to the end of the spring. (slightly tighter than I normally do for ABS, etc)

#1 print

temps: 210 / 50
retraction off
print speed: 15mm/s
Travel speed: 15mm/s

Worked nicely, but lots of stringing

temps: 220 / 50
retraction speed 5mm/s , retr. distance 0.75
print speed: 20mm/s
Travel speed: 20mm/s

Slightly less stringing but still a lot.

temps: 225 / 50
retraction speed: 7.5mm/s , retraction distance 1.25
print speed: 20mm/s
travel speed: 30mm/s

Stringing now in an acceptable range. Too much retraction will cause the nozzle pressure to fall, and I feared the filament could curl up again.

Semiflex does work on the taz4 stock extruder, as long as you go slowly, get the idler tension right, use only very little retraction and don’t print stuff that uses the whole range of the X-axis. I’m sure if the filament was fed from above instead of the side, that effect could be mitigated.

Anyway, I know it’s better and much faster to just use a flexystruder but at the moment I’m happy I can print some flexible things with the setup I got :slight_smile:

Upped speed to 30mm/s and retraction speed 10mm/s , retr. distance to 1.5 with no problems whatsoever. Probably faster and with more retraction works as well.

Really liking semiflex a lot and will surely get some more rolls of this.

Thanks for sharing…good to know.