nGen printing problem... revised

After 3.5 months of constant printing almost exclusively with ColorFabb nGen on a Taz6, I am beginning to have problems with parts of the base layer on edges detaching after removing the part from the plate.

I am currently printing at 230C nozzle temperature, 85C bed temperature in High Detail.

The major change I made was printing in high detail.

I have not tweaked anything in the profile.

I have cleaned the nozzle tip 5 times over that period.

Humidity has increased with the advent of springtime, but I have mostly kept all my filament in sealed bags with the exception of the current (and new) black filament that the separation is occuring with. Exposure has been around 26 hours since new to me.

What am I missing?

Do you have a picture of exactly what’s happening so we can better understand your issue fully?


It sounds like you’re using Cura. When you change from Standard Detail to High Detail in any slicer, the layer height is reduced. In Cura’s case it drops from .25mm to .18mm. This might be causing a weaker bond in the layers depending on what type of object you’re printing. You may need to adjust your first layer height, flow rate, or Z height to compensate. Just some thoughts of areas to look into.