nGen De-lamination Problem

Hey All!

So I bought a few spools of Colorfab’s 2.85mm nGen Amphora Co-Polyester because I have heard good things about the prints and ease of use. However, I am running into one issue. When I print an object, the layers seen weakly bonded and thin sections like walls can be pulled apart with not too much effort. I’m using the stock Cura nGen profile. Thoughts?


Could you post some photos of the prints in question? This sounds like under extrusion to me but there are a couple things that can cause under extrusion and seeing some photos might help narrow that down a bit.

What temp are you printing at?
My bed is 87C and the extruder is 230C.

Layer height too thick?

Having printed with several colors of the nGen now this problem only seems present on the metalic silver color. I wonder if there is something in the coloring that contributes to this. All other colors (black, red, green) print perfectly on the stock cura profile.

This could certainly be playing a roll. Certain colors do react differently because of the pigments in them. I will often need to slightly reduce print temps when using white, I assume this is because they frequently use titanium dioxide as a white pigment. It would make sense for metallic filaments to have similar difficulties. The stock profile in Cura tries to create the best middle ground for the full range of that filament which means there will sometimes be a few outliers that need adjusted settings.

That’s interesting, I was about to use a spool of white for the first time. Could you post your temperature settings so I could use them?



I don’t have a specific temperature that I have used when working with white Ngen to share unfortunately, this is just a general thing that I have noticed across pretty much every type filament I have worked with. Titanium dioxide is just a very common substance to use as white pigment and it is a metal byproduct so my thinking is it just holds the heat better. In general I usually start by reducing the temperature by 5C and running a test to see how it does then adjust it a bit more if it seems necessary.