NinjaFlex and other flexible materials on the Mini?

Hello! I know Ninjaflex/Semiflex does not print on the Mini extruder right now (and sticks to PEI), but I was wondering if a Flexystruder is planned for the Mini? If so, is there an approximate time frame for release yet?

Also, if anyone knows, will materials such as Flex EcoPLA ( or Soft PLA ( work on the Mini right now? (looks like they stick to PEI too well like NinjaFlex) I found this thread ( where some members talked about Soft PLA working on the TAZ 4, would that mean it would work on the Mini too? Thanks!

We’re working on other different tool heads, but don’t have a time frame just yet. Semiflex may work, as it’s a bit stiffer, but I haven’t had a chance to play with that yet.

Cool, thanks for the update! Looking forward to new tool heads for the mini!

Is the stock extruder for the TAZ 4 the same as the Mini’s extruder? In that thread I linked to ( they were able to print Soft PLA just fine on the stock TAZ 4 extruder, so I’d assume it would work on the Mini too if it has the same extruder.

Same kind, just slightly different. Give it a shot and see!

I’m loving Ninjaflex with the Flexistruder on my Mini!

I like HIPS on the regular extruder and now, Ninja on the Flexi.

Once I did the extruder swap once, it takes less than a minute now!