Lulzbot Mini malfunctions mid-print

About 50% through a print, my Mini started to make some unusual noises. When I looked, I saw that the bed had stopped moving, the print head was only moving side-to-side (X-axis) and up (Z):

I cancelled the print in Cura and attempted to move the bed via the “Y->” and “Y home” buttons. I could hear the motor respond, but nothing was moving.

Throughout, there is also a rhythmical but intermittent clicking-sound audible. This sound continued whether the motors were engaged or not.

Please see the linked videos for reference.
I’ve had this printer since mid-August and have done at most 20 prints on it, most of them flawless.

Obviously something is wrong and you should call support. Two comments though:

In the second video you ask it to move in the Y direction, but you are taking a video of the X gantry (the print head goes side to side on the X axis). The Y axis is the buildplate. Right at the beginning of the video it looks like you hit the “Y Home” button and I can almost see the end of the line that says “endstop hit _____” – when the buildplate is all the way to the back position it is in the Y home. Instead of pressing Y Home, see if the buildplate will move forward and back on the Y axis by pressing the circular bars in the Y direction (look for the Y arrows). If you press the bar and the bed does not move, but you see an endstop hit message on the right side, and it has NOT actually hit an endstop, it’s probable that you need to have the controller board replaced.

As for the ticking, I hear that as well when I’m applying power to the printhead (heating or maintaining heat). I think that’s normal.

Thank you. I have done some tests in the meantime with the help of tech support and the Y-axis motor does indeed appear to have gone bad. I’m waiting on a replacement motor.
And you’re right, I was pointing the camera at the X gantry while testing the Y-axis movement, as it seemed the sound I was hearing originated there, but I was wrong.