Noob Taz 6 Owner - first prints

Here is my first print. A slightly scaled up “roctopus” on highest setting using polylite PLA. Took about 2.5 hours.

This is straight out of the box with no tweaking beyond the initial build and installing the software.

Looked great so I jumped on Thingiverse and found something that looked really complicated… I downloaded the marble machine… loaded all 4 parts… set to highest setting and hit print. It is estimating 26 hours.

Thought it would be a good break-in test to see if it could handle such a long multi-part print. Looking great so far. I will post finished version when done.

I wanted to give props to for such a great refurbished printer and answering all my noob questions. :slight_smile:

Nice looking print!

FYI - Cura is a pretty bad judge of estimating time. I am 1 hour away fromy 26 hour time and this easily has another 10-15 hours in my judgement… :slight_smile:

34 hours 18 minutes…phew. Not bad for 2nd ever print. Didn’t enjoy sleeping in the dining room for 2 nights to keep and eye on it… but worth it. I didn’t have the right size marbles so I printed them too with some orange filament. The marbles are 9.5mm circumference. :slight_smile: