First couple of test models from my TAZ 5

Material: HIPS / Lulzbot Filament / Silver
Machine: TAZ 5
Settings: Default HIPS settings from Merlin Q1 2015 firmware
Slicer: Lulzbot Cura
US Quarter for scale - had no banana at hand.
Yes, it’s an IKEA table :laughing:

In case you are interested in the models and some guesstimate on how long it took to make:
Big Rocktopus on normal Quality: 4.5+ hrs ->
Deathstar on High Quality: 10+ hrs ->
Maltese Falcon on Normal Quality: 14+ hrs ->

Printing a huge Totoro next :smiley:

Wow - those look really nice!

May I ask a silly question? Where could I find the settings you’re using (the .ini file)?

Good question, I would have no idea :smiley: But replicating those results should be easy - I just fired up Lulzbot’s version of Cura, imported the models and even stayed with the ‘easy settings’. Sliced them and saved them as gcode, put them on the SD card card and let my printer run. I did a tiny bit of calibration in the beginning but since I didn’t want to put in too much time I didn’t go through all of the best practices from mhackney (here). I clean my bed with alcohol (only with 15 year old wiskey) and clean my nozzle with acetone applied to a cotton swab once in a while. I just bought a caliper to do some proper measuring so I didn’t do any filament measuring or any sophisticated calibration (yet).

I’ll be able to pull the settings from Cura based on that. That helps me a ton :slight_smile:

Thank you kindly!

Update: Now with big Totoro. That beast took 25 hrs to print ->
Had a ton of splits though. Lack of fine tuning and enclosure, I am sure :-/ Will need to fix in the finishing process (probably resin & paint).

First results of my test applying resin to my models are good, but all of them are now super glossy. So I’ll have to find way to roughen up the surface. Sand paper didn’t bring the desired result :-/

Wow, that’s pretty awesome man! I’m not to experienced with this sorta stuff so it’s all new to me.

Pretty cool.

Made some progress in terms of output quality. Switched to Simplify3D for slicing which cut down the printing time tremendously while printing in even higher quality. Now printing with ABS and getting no delamination problems, even though I have some issues around the ears of my model as well as the finishing on the top. Had that same problem with other models, so I probably need to finetune some settings for the last couple of layers - not sure if I need to speed up or slow down :-/ Overall though, I am very pleased. Next step is sending the thing down a bit. US quarter for scale, since no banana in house.

P.s. In case somebody is interested in what the resin treatment (including some food coloring) looks like, I made an album here: