Nothing like Oval not circles

Looking for some assistance with an issue I am having with circles. They are not fully round, but slightly Oval. It seems to happen to either small and large diameter circles. Here is a check list troubleshooting that I have done.

  1. y and x axis belt tight (check mark)

  2. y and x axis stepper motor set screws tight (check mark)

  3. y and x axis pulley across from stepper motor tight (check mark)

  4. y and x axis stepper motor mount bolts tight (check mark)

  5. Build plate mounting bolts all tight (check mark)

  6. y and x axis rods tight and not bent or warped (check mark)

  7. y and x axis belts have all teeth (check mark)

  8. bolts on extruder mount and holding plate all tight (check mark)

I don’t know what else to check as hard ware that might be causing this issue of the circle being an Oval.

On another note I am running Slic3r ver. 1.0.1 and I am also running Repetier ver. 0.95f
this was also happening when using pronterface (new ver).

Anyone have a clue as to what else I can do to stop this Oval?

Circles out of round for me was always related to belt tension. There’s finger tight, and then there is “i cranked that thing down so tight I’m worried it’s going to bend the Y motor shaft, but I can bounce a penny off the belt” tight. I aim for the latter.

Hey thanks for the reply to my post Piercet. But I did forget to mention that I recently change to upgrade to the 24 volt. The 24 upgrade a lot of us know calls for firmware update. I am still new to this world of 3D printing.
So, I called support and talk to Brent and he said the thing as to the belt and make sure that the set screw is on the flat side of the shaft and not move to the edge or in the round area of the stepper motor shaft. So, I told Brent that I will triple check everything once again to make sure that I did not over look everything that I listed.

Ok, well after triple checking everything and kind of busted my knuckle on re-tightening the belt, I then printed the circle again in its original position and failed to have a round circle. So, I took that circle and rotated it 45 degrees more to see if the effect is from soft ware relation. But to no surprise it was still there and in the same location.
I called Brent back and informed him that there was no change in the out come of this circle. Brent decided that we should re flash the firmware again and make sure everything was I guess accepted in the flashing. After awhile and feeling sorry for Brent that had to step some one in a process that they “me” has only gone in this procedure second time now, to get this firmware flashed. We was finally successful on getting the flashing done. Have to say Brent has a lot of patients. Anyways, after waiting to heat everything back up and re-check gap and then printed the part. My out come was complete. It was a circle.

Here is a recent picture of the circle formation. Do not mind the infill. I just wanted see if we had a circle.

So, the only thing I can say is it is not always the hardware tat can cause such a headache, but firmware flashing can cause an issue like I was having with the circle. But great advice from Piercet and Brent for trouble shooting such an issue I was encountering with the circle. I will keep all this in mind

Thank you for the help.

If you had the x or y steps off by a bit in one or the other direction inside the firmware, that would definitly give you wierd results. Glad you were able to get it figured out!

My printer is having the same symptoms as silly_snake’s. I’ve tried tightening the belts, all screws, and even re-flashed the firmware (twice), to no avail. I’m at a loss for what to try; any advice?

[edit] I’ve since found another thread on this topic, and am working my way through it, but have had no luck so far.
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