Nozzle Cleaning Process failure

Hi, my name is michael and i am from Germany, so please excuse my english.

After 7-10 succesfull prints the cleaning precedure on my Mini failed today. the printer homed correctly, heated up and the printhead came down on the left side of the cleaning pad, as usual. but then:
instead of “swiping” shortly over the whole pad from left to right, the nozzle touched the pad simply scratched to the right until the nozzle crashed in the padholder on the right side. i immediately stoped the print, which took 2-3 seconds until the command was send to the printer. in this time the X-axis was blocked and the belt jumped on the steppermotor.

is this a common problem? how can i prevent it from happening again? the next print i startet was successful so the startup gcode seems fine. i did not modify the startcode in any way.

happy to hear ideas from you all.

It’s odd that it occurred at all. How firmly on the y axis is the bed sitting now? Is there a lot of wiggle to the bed? The bed or the nozzle may have been damaged during the crash. Keep an eye on it and update us at with the following information if anything seems damaged:

  • Order number

  • 3D printer serial number

  • Contact information

  • Shipping information



All the axis seem fine. The printer is working relatively fine. In 10 new prints the problem didn’t happen again.
The bed was not involved in the crash. The nozzle crashed into the pad holder. The belts are still all fine and good stretched. Every teeth is how it is supposed to be.

Unfortunately I bought a used Mini. So I don’t have an order number or any shipping informations. :blush: