Nozzle not touching the bed

I have a problem with our new Lulzbot Mini Printer.

When it is printing, the nozzle is not touching the bed even when it level point the four corners of the bed.

Here is the step

  1. Cleaning of Nozzle
  2. It starts to point to 4 corners. Sort of level calibration (see photo 2)
  3. It starts heating up the nozzle and the bed. (see photo 3)
  4. It starts printing after it reaches 240C 100C (see photo 4)

Problem: for the past 5 printing attempt, it never reaches the bed. For this scenario it is 2-3mm above the right level. But most of the time it is 3-6mm above which do not produce any good print.

As you can see in the photo, the print is like an icing. :slight_smile: (see photo 4)

I will appreciate any help from the community.

Thank you in advance.

Total shot in the dark but check the nozzle and clean the very til. Any plastic residue will prevent conductivity to the washer and will throw off the bed leveling.

If it’s not that, call support. They’ll fix it and they’re awesome!!!


+1. Make sure the nozzle is clean of any residue.

Also check the cleaning pad… May need to be flipped or replaced.

+2 on the cleaning the nozzle. Not just of filament but also any fuzz from the cleaning pad. Also in your number 4 picture it looks like there is a little bit of filament residue on the leveling washer. You definitely want to clean off any of that. What I do as a regiment with my mini is to heat it up before I push the print button. Once its up to temp, I wipe the nozzle several times before I hit print and also afterwards right before it goes to do its own cleaning process. This preheating allows me to melt any plastic that may have been stuck to the nozzle and wipe that off before it goes to clean itself and may snag any of the fuzz from the cleaning pad. Then I watch and make sure it does the leveling the right way. If you see it push down on any of the corners too hard, hit cancel immediately and clean the nozzle again before you try to print again. I’ve printed a roll and a half of pla in the two weeks that I have owned the mini and so far, its been rock solid with everything I threw at it.

Thank you everyone, very helpful indeed. Will try those solutions and get back to the community. :slight_smile: