Nozzle diameter and clockworks

I’m interested in creating a couple of 3d print clocks using my Taz6. Here are a couople of examples:

But I’ve noticed that the designers typically specify a nozzle width and it is usually 0.4mm. Of course the Taz6 nozzle is 0.5mm. I’m wondering whether this is a showstopper??? Has anyone encountered projects where the larger nozzle size of the Taz prevents a project from printing properly?


You should be fine. The only time a 0.5mm nozzle will not work is when a feature (usually a protrusion) is smaller than 0.5mm. For example, the smallest point of a gear tooth you could render at the tip itself is 0.5mm in diameter. Any other feature or layer thickness is doable. You can even print a very thin layer with a 0.5mm nozzle. For most of the clockworks on thingiverse you will have no problems, you can optionally print them at finer layer heights (0.2mm, etc.) if you want for greater resolution.