Nozzle peeling prints off the bed

Hi all,

I am usually getting things figured out with the Mini lately. One issue I have been having lately is a lot of filament build up around the nozzle. I am working on a detailed print with a lot of small pieces touching the bed.

I realize this isn’t helping the adhesion for the first layer but the print seems to be sticking well regardless. It isn’t until the nozzle passes over the small features (with there tiny ridges sticking up sometimes) that it peels them off the bed.

I figured, well maybe there is some extra filament on the nozzle from before. So i did a GOOD cleaning of the nozzle but the issue still came back. I’ve had my print settings the same for around 1 week and I went to print a box with text, that is were the issue started. I removed the text and it was fine as there were no small features. I then changed filaments and have run into issues with a different print.

I am using a raft now and while its working even the raft had a bit of a struggle although by the top of the raft it was figured out. I realize now that I might have been a little stubborn not wanting to use a raft but with so many small features and TINY support pillars I probably needed the raft for a good bond. It still seems odd that the nozzle was picking up all these features though. And of course, with a large build up on the nozzle it would come off on a different part of the print.

Anyways, just wondering if anyone else is having the same sort of issues and what they might have found…Was I just completely stubborn with not wanting to go the Raft route at first or is there an underlying issue I am missing.


Nozzle drag as you describe there is often caused by overextrusion. The part ends up taller than it should be at that layer, nozzle hits, then over it goes.

:open_mouth: I might have not set my filament diameter properly :S Slight oversight. I’ve changed over to white PLA and made sure I measured and reset the value.

I’ve changed filaments 3 times now, still the same problem. Its like the PEI has lost its ability to keep the filament down in certain areas. I’ve been giving it a clean like normal with a little rubbing alcohol.

I’ve had all the settings back to normal stock settings. Running S3D. I get really good looking layer width and heights on my first layer. Just at the starts it likes to peel up the filament for the first 20mm or so from when it initially reloads the hot end with its 30mm I believe it was, and any fine details it sometimes pulls them up. Laying down supports, holes etc. I’ve cleaned the exterior of the nozzle at least 10 times now, making sure it starts out perfectly clean. Bed leveling is going as good as normal, no issues.

The issue just seemed to come up like a light switch. I cant get anything printed now unless I use a raft and even the 3 layers of the raft are dicey as sometimes it will peel parts up.

Is there an air bubble under the part where it went stick? If so you need to reattach the bed. If not, clean the pei surface with isopropyl alcohol. If it still won’t stick try a fine grit sandpaper. If it still won’t fit it could be a burned out bed coil.

Hi piercet

No air bubble(s). I have cleaned the bed numerous times with IA. Before this issue came up, id clean it about every 4 prints. Lately it has been after every 3rd failed print.

As for fine grit sandpaper, are the PEI sheets known to loose “grip”? Everything has been great until late. And for the bed coil, that would show up as a cold spot when I test the bed with a heat gun?

Oil on pei can cause it to lose adhesion, but IA should take care of that. The sanding generally improves adhesion by changing the surface adhesion. Try it on a small spot first. A bad coil will show up as a cold spot. A bed level error can also cause lifting, check for a leveling pad out of alignment or loose.

Thanks, ill give these tips a try. Hopefully something can come up. Cheers