Nylon or HIPS or PETG?

I’m wondering, has anyone tried Nylon? I was looking on Shapeways, and it seems that people sell models made of Nylon.
I’ve only ever worked with HIPS, PLA and ABS. I’m not fond of PLA because of how brittle it is, and ABS is a little too toxic for me (my room isn’t well ventilated). HIPS has worked out well so far, but I’ve never tried Nylon or PETG yet.

What are people’s thoughts?


It all depends on your needs. I use ABS, HIPS, Nylon, PETG, PLA and PVA depending on what properties I want in the final print. When it comes to nylon, I swear by Taulman and swear **a**t most other providers. :slight_smile: I use nylon for building thing that need to be strong yet flexible. Nylon also take dye well which provides a wider color palette than other filaments.

I have become a believer in PETG. Easy to print, non of the ABS thermal warping/separation issues, and not brittle like PLA. Biggest issue so far is the limited color choices.

I understand that eSun has a new PLA+ filament, but I have not used it yet.

I hope this helps.