What filiments for what prints?

Okay, nub here. I chose the LULZ for its ability to use a variety of filaments. I’ll use HIPS for a while, while learning but most of what I want to print is useful things with a good strength. Is there a guide for matching filaments to jobs?

How experienced should I be before trying more advanced filiments?

For max strength, what quality settings are best?


You did not say what machine you have but ABS and PETG are the two I use. I don’t make art or toys but things to use. CURA has the profiles you need already loaded in. If you want to do the Expert or Advanced mode there are ini files to download on the Support section of Lulzbot website. If your using ABS on some large or certain things you might need a enclosure of some sort. A Search on here will bring up details.
On my Mini I just used a cut to fit old thermal blanket and it worked fine.

Lulzbot has a filament guide here: https://www.lulzbot.com/sites/all/themes/lulzbot/images/LulzBot_3D_Printing_Filament_Guide.pdf

HIPS is OK for experimenting, because its cheap. However, it solidifies more slowly than ABS after extrusion. Slender vertical features will be less successful in HIPS. HIPS seems to have slightly less layer adhesion strength than ABS, which means that large prints are somewhat more likely to crack in HIPS than ABS.

Taulman’s “Alloy 910” is good for professional prototypes that need to be very durable and strong. It is much more flexible than ABS, which is often an advantage.

Thanx to both that have responded so far.

The machine is a mini.

It looks like 901 is a nylon filament, and intended for professionals and is still hydroscopic. The PETG is a much better all around choice and does not require special storage or desiccants.

sounds like PETG is what I want to try first when I am good and competent with HIPS and PLA. Whose do you use and where do you get it?

The first and only roll I have purchased has been eSun and I got it from a eBay vender, and it was stocked in USA not China. I think it was around $30 and “free” shipping. Make sure you get 3 mm shipped to you as I have others ship me the wrong size!

Okay, as a followup, I have a kilo of PTEG now and it is working great. I think this will be my go-to filament till I am ready to try nylons. I am getting a bit more cat hairs than with other filiments but this may be just a bit of fine tuning that I don’t understand yet.

would you mind sharing your settings? thanks

Since Halloween is coming up I’m cutting using glow-in-the-dark White ABS
for printing scaled up versions of the Voronoi skull lamps found on Thing-averse - everyone I’ve shown them to love them
I bought the ABS direct from Lulzbot but other places have it as well

I started with the ABS profile and then lowered the bed temp to 90c. This is producing good strong prints but there is a bit of excess spiderwebbing. I would love to see someone work out the exact profile and if no one else does, perhaps I’ll get to it one day.