Odd part shrinkage

I had a part order this week from 3D hubs. Not the way I’d design the parts, but I didn’t think it would be much trouble. However, I get severe warp at the point that the inner wall and the support end meets. I ended up raising the entire part off the build platform by 12mm, and it printed mostly OK, but This was a surprise to me. This is in ABS. PETg also did the same thing. The only material not showing this warp/shrink is Ngen.

By the way, Taz 5 in an enclosure. 238 hot end, 100 bed temp. did this on both of my taz 5’s. And the bottom picture should be a straight wall.

I don’t think that’s part shrinkage. It looks like a discrete change. Take a look at your gcode, there is probably a radius change at that intersection.

I second wibby. No way that is part shrinkage… Look at the layer view in your slicer and see what it is doing.

Using simplify 3D. When I print in Ngen, comes out perfect. Not the same gcode of course because my settings are different for ngen and abs, but it’s the same source file. When I raise it off the bed by 12mm, it printed fine. I’ll see if I can see something in the gcode.

Oh and in the preview mode of the slicer, it looks fine. Attached screengrab

I guess simplify is overfilling the thin wall? That’s a common problem, the only slicer that can handle thin walls without gaps or overfilling is slic3r in the latest development version.

Interesting thought. Usually simplify underfills thin walls. But could be it.

Have you tried changing your layer thickness by .001 mm or so, in Simplify? That sometimes fixes Simplify’s occasional slicing issues.

I’m guessing your layer thickness setting is different when printing with Ngen, which might be why it works with that.

Odd that it doesn’t show up in Preview, though.

Can we see the STL file? I kind of want to see if there is a model void at that point.