Odd question about nGen filament

My youngest is going to be getting a blue tongued skink (reptile) soon and I was wondering if it was safe to use nGen filament to make some terrain for the critter. If not, what would be a good filament?



I read up on the SDS for nGen and it really didn’t tell you anything other than it hasn’t been researched. attached for your reading pleasure.
AmphoraAM3300-TDS.pdf (98.6 KB)
Eastman_SDS-Eastman-Amphora™3D-Polymer-AM3300.pdf (242 KB)

You would be able to use ngen or any other filament if you were to coat it in food safe epoxy.

I’d use one of the many PET filaments on the market – considered food-safe, and also relatively high-temp. The only downside is they’re still a bit more expensive than other filaments, and they print WAY slower (and I find them to be a bit “stringy” too – making more post-processing work for me than I’m accustomed to doing).

The translucent PET filaments (I use T-GLASE and eSun’s PETG) really look nice when printed in relatively large layers – although I’ve only done that for vases and a few other decorative things… I’ve no lizards to entertain or house!