Can you print a Teapot Lid?

Hey guys!

I was wondering, I want to print a replacement lid for a ceramic teapot. I was considering using ABS but I know anything related to food is usually a bad idea with ABS. I am also worried about anything that has to be suspended over boiling water for any amount of time.

My options are:
Alloy 910 Nylon

Last thing I want to do is poison a potential future customer or give them a product that will warp and after it’s first use.

Thanks for all your help!

I believe that PETG is food safe. Not sure why PETG wasn’t on your list.

All FDM 3d printed parts, regardless of fillament type, contain microscopic voids in them that can trap food particles and grow bacteria. The only way to make a 3d printed part “food safe” at this point would be to coat it in some sort of food safe coating, or in the case of an ABS part, an acetone wash which in that case leaves the chemical component. 3d printer nozzles also are usually made of an allow that contains lead. though you can source stainless steel ones.

For example of a food safe coating, somethign similar to one of these: I’ve not used that particular company though, so I don’t know if they are any good at all.

I don’t currently have any PETG but T-glase is similar to PETG and has the same properties.

Thanks! I appreciate the info. I’m currently using a brass nozzle so maybe I’ll upgrade. I’ll also look into the food safe sealant. For some reason I’m getting a lot of request for items that deal with food and I’m not sure why. Maybe I can do a combination of a food safe filament with a sealant to be extra cautious.

There’s a food safe Taulman filament. Nylon 680 I think. Not sure about its heat resistance though.

Looks like it would work great. the degrade temp is 328c. I just might invest in some.

It’s glass transition temp you’d be interested in, which hving just looked is 52•C so it won’t be suitable to use as a tea pot lid im afraid.

Really? Ugh, that sucks. Well I appreciate the suggestion either way. I’ll have to find some good material and I think I’ll try a polyethylene coating. They use it on surfaces that touch food so a little condensation from the water shouldn’t hurt the water/tea.