Odd sound on moving Z-axis (damage ?)

Hey I have this odd sound; almost like a rubbing sound when the z-axis moves up and down sometimes. I’m wondering if it grease displacement; maybe the bearings? You can hear it after 0:27 in the audio clip, it’s a bit quite; I could get another clip if that helps. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Likely just need to level the x-axis:


Thanks for the suggestion!

I have tried this; and the rods seems to be equal length; yet the problem persists with the rubbing noise.

Any other suggestions; maybe i need more grease for the spindle drives?

Appreciate any suggestions!

Post a video. Can’t tell much from the audio. It could be debris in the leadscrew, a loose coupler, a broken coupler, or debris in the bearing.

I have the same issue on my RH Z axis leadscrew nut. Placing my finger on it and applying a slight pressure makes the noise disappear. I have used a rubberband attached to the leadscrew nut housing and lower frame to apply the pressure and get rid of the noise. Haven’t had a chance to debug yet, but only happens in the 20 - 50 mm Z height area.

Measured the distance from the top of the auto level washers to the bottom of the lower X Axis gantry shaft. RH side was almost 3mm higher than LH side. Disabled the motors and spun the RH Z Axis screw manually to lower the RH Z axis nut. Several shots and now RH and LH are now within .02mm. Noise is gone! Off to print to see if this helps in action.


link to video above; i notice when i touch the leadscrew nuts; the noise sometimes stop

I measured both sides again; and they seem very close to the same distance. Should i buy and apply some grease? Any recommendations?


Lucas oil white lithium grease. Though most other types will also work fine

Bought some Lucas oil white lithium grease, applied to the threaded spindles and ran the Z-Axis up and down a couple times. The sound seems to have gone away for now!


Just an update for other who may read this thread, the sound is gone completely.

I did follow the guide in the thread and my Z-Axis from was completely leveled. So the grease was the the factor that removed the binding sound.

Attached is the grease I used with a quarter for size reference.