Z-axis noise

I have had my taz 6 for about 2 weeks now and have been putting it through its paces. Over the last few days I have noticed that there is a squeaky/vibration noise whe. The z axis has to travel a bit, like when auto leveling from a higher point. It seems to be coming from the threaded bar on the left side. Anyone else experience this?

Yes I have!

  1. Check your alignment by running your Z bar up high and measuring down from the top rails.

Running through this whole process is not a bad idea but skip down to step 23 for z leveling…

2) A spot of lithium grease on the threaded rods does wonders for the squeaks! According to the manual, grease your rods monthly. (if they are out of alignment though they will squeak even when greased so see #1)

I noticed that the threaded bar in question seems to be a little loose. I can grab it and it will actually move a bit side to side. I believe that’s where the vibration is coming from. The threaded bar on the right side doesnt move at all when I give it a shake. I’m guessing that’s not supposed to happen? I can certainly check that the frame is square as in the steps your linked, but will that fix the bar being slightly loose?

Also, what do you mean by “run my z bar up high”? Are you saying to move the print head all the way up to the top of the chassis and measure from there?

Aha! That may be your problem! Check all the bolts on everything related to the threaded bar and make sure they are all tight!

Yes, move the print head pretty close to the top. I knew I was not giving you a good verbal description that is why I pointed you o you the pictures in step 23. They show you exactly what to do. I love pictures! :slight_smile:

to help demonstrate what I’m talking about, I took a few videos.

Here you can see (somewhat) what I mean by making the threaded bar move. I’m guessing it’s not supposed to do this. I checked all of the connected pieces like the motor housing, brackets, etc and they all seem tight. The only place I see any wiggle room is at the very top where the bearing sits. See for yourself: http://sendvid.com/hece39p5

Here is a shot of the full travel of the Z axis. Its smooth, no jamming, but the sound… Just trying to stop a potential problem before it happens: http://sendvid.com/85vgarnc

Thanks in advance

The z motor mount on that side has slid down and will need to be loosened, shifted upwards and re tightened. You will then want to recheck the base level with calipers. The leadscrew should not move that much at all. It may also have a loose motor coupler.

Well that’s a lot more work than I was hoping for after just having this for a couple of weeks. How’s Lulzbot Support’s tolerance for helping me fix whatever I may break when trying to fix these?

It’s under warranty, if you call support they will probably have you box it up and send it back and send you a new one. If you don’t want to wait, sliding the motor mount block up is an easy and time efficient solution.

oh ok. i didnt realize that’s how their warranty worked. I’ll give them a call.

I noticed this on my Taz 6 machine recently. No matter how far I pushed the Z-axis motors upward the play would not go away. It’s like the bearing seats in the plastic are too large on both rods. I ended up having to wrap the bearings in tape to stop the play. One side was far worse than the other.

My machines do the same thing, I will try moving the Z motors up today and lubing the lead screws to see what happens. Too bad these don’t have ball screws on them.