Taz 6: Rubbing sound at bottom of Z-axis?

Hi all,

My Taz 6 has started eliciting a “rubbing” sound during the auto-leveling sequence when the extruder reaches the bottom of the Z-axis – the sound isn’t like the grinding I’ve seen in other posts, you can see/hear what I’m talking about in this video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dhh7ocs1qdm1zu1/Taz6-Sound.mov?dl=0

The sound only occurs when the Z-axis is moving downwards towards the bed, and only at the very bottom of the Z-axis. Everything seems OK after auto-leveling completes, but that’s probably because the Z-axis only moves upwards during prints…

Has anyone else encountered anything similar? Any suggestions?


Anyone? Bueller? :stuck_out_tongue:

sounds like your X axis is out of alligntment and binding slightly. Using calipers. measure from the top of the lower leadscrew bearing up to the bottom of the x axis ends on both sides. if one side is up higher than the other, manually turn the leadscrew slowly with the printer off until it measures the same .