Old lulzbot Mini x-axis damping short NEMA 17 motor

Hi there,

I have an old lulzbot Mini. It is possible to Change the nema17 Stepper Motor from the x-axis with the shorter Version?

Thanks for your reply

Yes, but.

The qualifier is primarily due to the fact that the shorter motor has less torque, and this will affect a number of things. You’ll probably have to adjust your printer settings (in your slicer if not in the printer firmware settings) – I’d expect that you’ll need to lower the X-axis acceleration to accommodate the lower torque. Lowering the X-axis speed might be reasonable as well, but the top speed of the print head is less important than the acceleration, of course. Note that the current X-axis motor is spec’d to handle the large, heavy dual-extruder, so if you stick with the single-extruder, you might find that you can get away with a rather small decrease to the acceleration setting.


I got an aerostruder toolhead. Beside the noise of the x-axis Motor its a really cool printer (with Y-axis dampers and LCD).

OK, it seems to be Not that easy. A Lot of try and error…

Maybe i Just have to buy a new printer which is more silent Out of the Box.

Thanks for your reply!