One half of print not working correctly. Need help.

I have been having a really hard time with my Taz 4 recently. It all started with me noticing my small herring bone gear had some broken teeth. I decided to replace it. I was able to use that gear to print out two more gears using the lulzbot gcode. I replaced the gear and started a 13 hour print. When I came back the next day it did not finish and after a look around I saw the new gear had just broken. I decided to get the STL code for the gear and print out a higher quality one. I used the second gear for this and was only going to use it long enough to print out a better quality one. Unfortunately the print didn’t come out right. One side was very flawed. So I made some changes and tried again. See link below for image of bad print.

This kept happening. Over and over again after about 5 attempts I was able to print one that was passable. In this time we leveled the z axis to the bed, calibrated the bed several times, and tightened the x and y axis belts. So with the new working gear I began another print. Now one half of my print just looks horrible. The left side looks pretty standard but the right side the head keeps pulling up the plastic is it lays down a layer.

This was the finished product.

The quality is horrendous in comparison to prints before this change. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated.