1/4 of my print messes up.

I am trying to print the small Herring Bone gear for my Taz 4 Printer. I used the Lulzbot Gcode to print to of them. The first broke during a longer print. I have been saving the second one to print a higher quality gear. I took the STL file for the herring bone gear and added more infill and slowed the print down a bit. Now whenever I print it whether I slow it down or not 1/4 of the print is flawed. Whenever it gets to this one side it lifts, does not flow, and ruins the print.It is always in the same spot and I have calibrated several times thinking it was a calibration issue.

Probably best to download the STL and slice with settings tuned to your printer. The gcode files online may vary for different nozzles and faster speeds.

Are any other prints having issues with alignment? Checking belt tension is a good start.

The other prints seem to be doing just fine. It is this specific print. I used the Gcode for the first initial print which was for two herring bones. The first broke fairly quickly so I have been saving the second for getting another good high quality herring bone printed.

I did download the STL file and I am using the fine settings provided by Lulzbot. each print comes out looking almost the same with this one side looking flawed. Since then the only changes I made were to include fan usage and to slow the print slightly. I thought this might solve the issue but it doesn’t look like it helped.

I would suggest using Lulzbot’s medium profile and make sure the fan is not running for an ABS print.

Also since it’s a small object, print 2 at a time, this gives the print a small amount of extra time to cool (or print this one with the large gear).