Other Options For Parts

Are there any other manufactures that make parts for the SE Tool Head | Single Extruder | 0.5 mm? I have a bunch with various issues and need to order parts but the lag time from Lulzbot does not work for me.

Are any of the parts that E3D sells compatiable?

Thank for you help in advance…

Yeah, it’s a TitanAero V6 tool head. Things to note, it’s a 24v heater and the orientation is mirrored.

Thanks Iggy, does that mean I wont have an issue if I order one?

It will work perfectly. Just make sure its a 3mm, mirrored, 24V TitanAero. This one from MatterHackers ships quickly and is the one i got: https://www.matterhackers.com/store/l/e3d-titan-aero-extruder-24v-300mm-mirrored/sk/M1HPS73T. It comes with a 0.4mm nozzle, so you may also want to add a 0.5mm nozzle as well if you go down this route.

Cool thank you… appreciate all the advise

So I can just purchase this and ir could replace a Lulzbot tools head? Will it just bolt right up> Will the current version of Cura that im using synch with this tool head? Anything else I should know?

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The following page has BOM and assembly information for reference:

If you already have a SE toolhead, all the Titan Aero parts will be directly replaceable. Or, If you just want to get a new toolhead but don’t want to order from Lulzbot, you could get the entire SE toolhead from MatterHackers. https://www.matterhackers.com/store/l/lulzbot-se-tool-head-05mm-single-extruder/sk/MDQKDZSS

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I came here to say exactly this. I have two of their print heads. They are amazing and have awesome customer support.

Thank you for all the info guys… I have a substantial business investment in Lulzbot printers and love them all. There is nothing else out there like these printers…

You can try https://itworks3d.com/ for parts and tool heads.

What are you needing. I have a couple spare print heads and some parts inventory, though not much. I kept 3 se heads so id have spare if i needed to work on one until i started using duals and moarstruder, so hardly ever use se anymore.

Need a couple SE tool heads and have been waiting on Lulzbot but they have not shipped yet. You want to part with them?