Need HELP PLEASE…SE Tool Head | Single Extruder | 0.5 mm Availability?

Hi Forum,
I have a production shop with a few TAZ 6 and Mini V1 and V2 all using the latest [SE Tool Head | Single Extruder | 0.5 mm] tool heads. I have checked amazon and the Luzbot store and these are not available…

  • any ideas when they will be available again to purchase?
  • any other places to purchase ?
  • any place to get spare parts?

I have invested heavily with this company and their amazing 3d printers… just need some help to keep my shop operational…

Thank you…

They’re starting to get back up in terms of production. Please see this thread: Luzbot online store - out of stock

Maybe send @CB-LulzBot a PM?

Hang tight! We should have a lot of spare parts, tool heads, filament, etc available by the end of this month. We appreciate your patience in the delay of product availability.

I’ve been calling and emailing about some parts not on the website. Any idea on how far along you are in the sales queue?

Sweet thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks Mate… :slight_smile: