Over extruded or humidity?

I recently purchased a TAZ 6 and have gotten decent results for not tweaking anything but i consistently get bumbs in my prints and hear popping sounds while extruding. I am using ABS from Matter Hackers and am not sure if it’s the material or machine. I have built a hotbox to limit airflow from the outside but it isn’t heated from another source…only the printer. I am using the latest version of Cura and sliced with the fast profile and zero percent infill. Here is a pic of the latest part showing the bumbs. Is this something i am doing or Material?



Those bumps are starting points of the layers. You can minimize that by setting your machine to do internal perimiters first. There may also be a “start layers on corners or inside curves” button, I’m not sure since I don’t use Cura. The popping sound can either be humidity, retraction, or just the clicking sound plastic makes coming off the spool sometimes as it shifts against the other windings. Typically a humidity blemish looks more like a popped crater.

Thank you

I am currently setting up Slic3r with the profiles listed on this site and want to try that. I have seen some settings like you describe in it.

Will report back when new part comes off machine.