Moist ABS Filament??

I’ve been using default cura fine settings for ABS except for filament diameter I’ve measured to be 2.95mm with calipers.

My question is what could cause the horrible print attached? That’s supposed to be a smooth wall. It is also very stingy. Is this moist filament? I’m using Taz 5 with stock hex head.


Moisture would cause steam bubbles, and you can usually hear them as a crack sound. What you have looks more like over extrusion.
Notice on the top layer how you can see where the nozzle dragged tracks into the plastic as it went around. You can test to see if your esteps are properly set by marking your filament above the printhead with two marks 100 mm apart. Measure the distance from the top of the printhead to the first mark. Then extrude 100mm of filament and measure the distance from the top of the printhead to the second mark. If the second measurement is smaller than the first, you are over extruding and your esteps need to be calibrated.

I have not noticed any steam or popping. I have verified that the esteps are calibrated correctly. I’ve added some more photos.

It doesn’t do this on all parts. Some come out fine. See new photos.


I had a similar blobby texture as in your photo. This happened early in the summer when there was more humidity here in New England. I think that the pattern is due to irregular extrusion caused by steam in the extruder. Sometimes there is temporarily more pressure in the extruder due to steam. Too much plastic comes out, the edge of which curls upwards. The problem stopped once I started using an air-tight box with desiccant.

Too high of extruder temp. If you are having a ‘stringy’ extrusion and ‘blistering’ walls you might try lowering by 5-10 degrees and see if it gets better.

If the plastic gets too viscous it will ooze out faster under the chamber pressure and cause blistering. I had a roll of black ABS that did this until I lowered the temp.