Overheating Issues? Nozzle Smoking? Help

He everybody. So, I recently started working for a company that uses a Lulzbot Mini and Im in charge of it. I have a Prusa Clone at home but the Mini is slightly different. In the past week I had been having issues. Would start a print and after the first 1-2 layers it would stop extruding. Kept finding the filament stuck and being eaten through the side (think lumberjack slowly cutting into the side of a tree) by the filament extruder gear. Messed with that for a bit trying to get it to work. Thought I had it. 2/3 prints were finishing.
TODAY HOWEVER I noticed the filament seemed really hot. Was setting the nozzle to 200 via USB but the filament just felt realllllllly hot. I ignored it, thinking it was my imagination (I didnt have a heat gun with me to check) but just now the nozzle literally started smoking and the filament bubbling and burning. Immediately turned the printer off and unplugged.
I’ve not taken this printer apart and am not sure what it could be, (usually if it’s a thermistor issue I just dont get any temp readings but maybe the mini does not do this)

suggestions? I need a plan to fix before I approach my boss to ask about purchasing repair parts.

Check to make sure that your small heat sync fan is running and pointed directly at the heat sync.