Verify Print Extrusion problem.

Hi All,

recently brought a lulzbot mini. Got to step 10 “verify print extrusion” in start here guide manual. I haven’t
been able to get the filament to feed through, every time I click the extrude option in Cura. The
extrude motor just stutters for a bit and stops, The hotend temp is set to 240. If I release the Idler and push the filament
further down into the feed hole using my hands, the filament easily feeds through the hotend and I can see melted filament coming out of the hotend.

With Cura selecting the extrude options, just results in the motor stuttering and not really doing anything.

Not sure what causing this, is this a hardware fault or I’m I missing something?

Thanks for any help.

Check the setscrew on your smaller gear that is on the motor shaft. Sometimes that screw backs out during shipping, and the motor turns but the gear doesn’t. it should be lined up with the flat spot onthe motor shaft, down all the way and tight.

If that’s not it, call support monday when they are open.

Checked the set screw on the small gear. Didn’t appear to be loose and I retighten it just to be sure. Still ended with the same result, a stuttering motor that doesn’t turn at all :frowning:.

I’ll check with support.

Post the solution support gives you once you figure it out so the rest of the community can learn. :slight_smile: