Mini Filament stuck,

I Have lulzbot Mini, bought it second hand used it for a about a year with success. I haven’t used it in 6 months ,and was stupid enough to not extract the Verbatim PLA when I stoped using it.

Today I wanted to use it again, But couldn’t extract or retract filament. When I tried to replace it, the filament broke. Since then everythinh has gone downward. I have tried to push through with small metal tools but that didn’t work. I have tried pushing with a acupuctur needle, blowing with a hair blower. And at last I tried it with a heat gun. I can’t remember weher I read about that. But I think i broke the darn machine, or rather melted it. Also I have probably used toooo high temps in my desperate atempts. 250c.

Any tips for a sad Mini owner.

Which toolhead are you using?

Easiest thing generally will be to heat up to 220, remove the nozzle, and then push out the jam from below with your 2mm hex wrench.