Parts To Make on Mill

At my new job I get to work with a 3-axis mill with digital read out for 3-axis but can only program in X-Y axis. Outside of work hours I am allowed to use the mill for my own projects. I was wondering what parts on my Lulzbot should I make out of aluminum? Post your suggestions below.

You could probably sell the metal X end plates and the metal Y end plates if you wanted. There also might be a market for metal reinforced corner brackets for the main frame to replace the plastic ones. Anything else would probably require a full 3 axis. A well made aluminum set of extruder gears would probably sell quite well.

Taz_Mega gantry plates can be used to reinforce existing Taz frames.

I’m not looking to sell any parts. I really wanted to make the extruder gears out of aluminum but that seems very hard unless I can change it to a normal toothed gear. Even then programming that into the mill would be tough.